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In additional to all general services, the Central Library provides various value added services including OPAC, Self Check-in/Check-out, Self Renewal of Books, Electronic Book Drop, Book Bank, Access to Abstracts of Publications through I-Portal, Translation, Book Reservation, Video Viewing, Inter- Library loan, Document Delivery, Reading, Access to E-Resources, Bibliographical Compilation, Patents Information, Standards Information Service, Technical Consultancy, Photocopying etc.

Charges for Various Services

Photocopying Charges Photocopy service temporarily stopped
For Members Rs 0.50
Industrial Associates/Non-Members Rs 1.00
Document Delivery Service
Photocopy from Journals Rs 5/- Per Pages
Overdue Charges
Books Rs 1/- Per Day up to 15 days & after that Rs 2/- Per Day
Journals Rs. 2/- Per Day
TBR Books Rs. 5/- Per Day
Consultation Cards Rs. 5/- Per Day
ILL Books Rs. 5/- Per Day
CD ROMs Rs. 2/- Per Day
Membership Deposit Service Charges
Corporate Rs. 3000/- Per Book Rs. 1000/- Per Book
Colleges Rs. 10,000/- Per Book Rs. 3000/- Per Book
Alumni of all IITs Rs. 2000/- Per Book Rs. 750/- Per Book
Issue of Duplicate Smart Card Charges
Students Rs. 500
Others Rs. 500

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